Information for Prospective Suppliers

HPV advertises all open public sourcing events (tenders) on its website under Invitations to Supply and via the HPV Procurement Portal e-sourcing software platform.

HPV encourages all prospective suppliers to register an account on the HPV website and procurement portal to assist in staying up-to-date on the latest sourcing events.

Suppliers should also subscribe to the HPV Update newsletter via the homepage link - simply add your email address to the 'subscribe' field.

How does the Invitation to Supply (request for tender/proposal) process work?

HPV is committed to providing a fair and transparent process for all prospective suppliers.

Once a supplier downloads the sourcing documentation from the Procurement Portal, they will be able to respond to the tender online.

Suppliers will also have access to the e-messaging functionality, where they can post any queries regarding specific sourcing events, which HPV's relevant Category Manager reviews.

HPV has a transparent sourcing process, and responses to queries are posted to the forum for all registered respondents to view.

How does HPV evaluate my Invitation to Supply submission?

Probity is fundamental to HPV’s process and in ensuring a fair and equitable process for all prospective suppliers.

For each tender, an evaluation committee comprising key health service stakeholders is appointed to develop robust specifications to guide the evaluation process. Following the tender close, the independent evaluation committee evaluates each submission. 

A probity auditor is also engaged throughout the process to ensure suppliers have fair and transparent market access.

At the conclusion of the Invitation to Supply process, successful tenderers are notified and provided access to relevant contract information and documentation contained in a secure area of HPV’s website.

Who accesses HPV contracts?

In line with HPV's Health Purchasing Policies, all Victorian public hospitals and health services are compelled to use HPV contracts. 

They comprise:

  • Public hospitals, as defined in Schedule 1 of the Health Services Act 1988.
  • Public health services, as defined in Schedules 3 and 5 of the Health Services Act 1988.

However, HPV may also grant access to HPV contracts to the following organisations:

  • Public denominational hospitals, as defined in Schedule 2 of the Health Services Act 1988.
  • Public hospitals operated by the private sector, as defined in Schedule 4 of the Health Services Act 1988.
  • Health or related services, as defined in Sections 3(1) and 131(a) of the Health Services Act 1988. These may include publicly-funded community health, pharmaceutical, ambulance, aged care, disability or palliative care services.

What happens if I am not successful?

On request, HPV holds debriefings for suppliers on an individual basis after the tender process is concluded. This allows prospective suppliers to seek additional feedback regarding the evaluation process and HPV to provide advice for consideration in future submissions.

How do I find out which products are on HPV contract?

Contact HPV by phone or email, or search specific product terms via the search function located on the Confirmed Annual Sourcing Program page.

Enter a specific product term (e.g. 'catheter') to retrieve category and corresponding contract information where supplied via HPV. 

How do I advise HPV of new products we believe would be of interest to the health sector?

If the product category is not currently covered by a HPV contract, a hospital is able to select its own supplier(s). In this case, suppliers may contact the health service's supply department directly.