Information for suppliers

Health Purchasing Victoria contracts are awarded through a robust and transparent process to ensure there is a level playing field for all prospective suppliers.

We work with large and local suppliers, procuring a range of equipment and services to support Victorian’s diverse health-care system.

If you are not an HPV contracted supplier already and wish to supply products during the COVID-19 pandemic please see our Prospective Suppliers page.

HPV awards around 50 collective contracts a year and works with over 400 contracted suppliers.

Our Approach

As part of our commitment to transparency and accessibility, we advertise all open sourcing activities (tenders) on the HPV website. We encourage suppliers to register an account on our  website and  access the HPV Procurement Portal in order to stay up-to-date with the latest sourcing events.


More Information

For more information on accessing HPV contracts and our  Invitation to Supply (ITS) process, access a list of FAQs via the HPV Help Centre.