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HPV regularly shares best practice procurement tools and guidelines with the health sector

Department of Health and Human Services

The Victorian Department of Health and Human Services website provides a range of information regarding State health initiatives, the Health Victoria magazine and health performance and funding information.

GLN Applications for Health Services

HPV allocates GLNs to all Public Hospitals and Health Services (PH&HS) in Victoria. A GLN is a unique GS1 Global Location Number that can be used for EDI and identifying physical entities for product recalls using GS1 Recallnet. Please note PH&HS must complete an application form to request new GLNs for areas within their health service.

GLN Application Form


HPV is one of 42 organisations worldwide that has endorsed GS1 data standards in healthcare as a demonstration of our ongoing commitment to common data for the health supply chain. GS1 offer a wealth of supply chain resources and training to industry and health services

Recall Health

HPV is rolling out the GS1 Recall Health system throughout Victoria’s health sector. Recall Health streamlines the product recall system eliminating the reliance on manual processes. It ensures recall notices are issued to the right place at the right time, further boosting patient safety.


HPV is implementing a technological solution - BravoAdvantage - to help Victoria's public health services streamline procurement processes, improve supply chain efficiency and reduce costs. Find out more below: 

Guide to BravoAdvantage

BravoAdvantage FAQ

HPV Complaint Management Policy

HPV has formal mechanisms in place to investigate complaints from organisations including mandated health services, suppliers and other stakeholders.

If you are involved in procurement at a health service and would like to share new links or templates with the health procurement community via our website or relevant publications, contact 

Website update guides

Information is available on changes to the HPV website including a frequently asked questions document and user guides for a range of website functions.