Health Service Training

HPV provides targeted training and resources for health services to assist staff in managing their procurement processes. We encourage health service staff to subscribe to HPV's monthly newsletter for updates on new training opportunities.

A range of procurement resources and templates is also available within HPV's secure area. These templates can be accessed with a HPV website login and are designed to assist with each stage of the procurement process.

Face-to-Face Probity Education

Face-to-Face (F2F) Probity Education Series

Last updated: 22 March 2018

HPV currently offers F2F Probity Education delivered by Pitcher Partners, on an 'as required' basis.

The training series caters to three distinct health service audience groups:

  • Procurement Professionals
  • Clinical and Operational Professionals
  • Board, Executives and Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs)

During 2017, we had overwhelming support from health services (both mandated and non-mandated) with 498 attendees at 31 F2F sessions conducted throughout regional and metropolitan locations.

Our online probity education offering will be available shortly, 24/7 for your greater convenience.

If you have any queries regarding the Face-to-Face training, please email:

Accessing ECHO for health service education

Accessing ECHO for health service education

Once the HPV eLearning system ECHO (eLearning Centre for Health Outcomes) is officially launched in late March 2018, please follow these instructions:

If you have an existing account for secure HPV website access:

 ECHO existing5

If you do not:

ECHO new

Online Probity Education (via ECHO)

Online Probity Education (via ECHO)

Last updated: 22 March 2018

Listening to feedback from health services has resulted in refreshed content and a move from Face to Face (F2F) delivery to primarily online. HPV has developed a custom learning management system for health services known as ECHO (eLearning Centre for Health Outcomes). Board and Executives will still have a F2F delivery option available which will continue to be delivered by Pitcher Partners, but with updated content.

ECHO will provide tailored education 'packages' for the same three audience types:

  • Procurement Professionals
  • Operational and Clinical Professionals
  • Board, Executives and Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs)

Each of the three packages will have three modules:

  • Module 1: Probity Fundamentals
  • Module 2: Practical Application (ie. role based)
  • Module 3: Case Study

To allow for further multidisciplinary discussion across your team, the identical case study scenario is used for all three audiences – but with some role specific information included (where appropriate).


Moving to ECHO will:

  • provide access 24/7 and 7 days a week from a computer of your choice
  • allow for more of your staff to undertake probity training in their own work environment, without needing to travel to other locations or incur additional costs
  • to be self-paced and timed around other work commitments
  • provide you a listing of your staff who successfully complete training and auto-generate certificates
  • create a reference guide to provide a hardcopy of all content for future reference

ECHO will become HPV's primary platform for a range of future health services training, not just probity.


A number of regional and metropolitan health services are currently piloting the training to provide feedback on their final design.

We hope to launch the first package for Procurement Practitioners in March 2018 to all health services, with the others audience types to follow shortly after. 

If you have queries, please contact

Other Procurement Education (via ECHO)

As we progress in developing our further procurement education offerings a listing will appear here.

Other education and resources links

Other government educational opportunities (with some being free even) and resources (better practice guidance material, presentations, posters, tools and templates etc) can be found in the HPV State and National Policy and Frameworks Reference Guide with our top suggestions being as follows:

Victorian Public Sector   Commission (VPSC)

VPS Values
VPS Code of Conduct
Gifts, Benefits & Hospitality

Victorian Auditor-General’s   Office (VAGO)

Health Service Audits
Better Practice Guidance

Independent Broad-Based   Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC)


Education and resources on Investigations and Protected Disclosures


Victorian Ombudsman (VO)

Education and resources on better practice complaints handling and  dealing with conflicts of interest

Office of the Victorian   Information Commissioner (OVIC)


On 1 September 2017, the Office of the Commissioner   for Privacy and Data Protection (CPDP) and the Office of the Freedom of   Information Commissioner were combined, creating OVIC..

Access, Privacy and Protection of Data Protection

Victorian Government   Solicitor’s Office (VGSO)  

Education, networking and events.

Institute of Public   Administration Australia (Victorian Branch)  


Education, networking and events.

Department of Health and Human   Services (DHHS)

Health service governance

Victorian Government Purchasing   Board (VGPB)

State Purchase Contracts
Education and resources


We recommend that you use a generic email address such as '' to subscribe to those, so it is not dependent on an individual if they leave. That information can then be shared via your own intranet for staff to refer to, or link to this HPV page.