Health Service Training

HPV provides targeted training and resources for health services to assist staff in managing their procurement processes.

We encourage health service staff to subscribe to HPV's monthly newsletter for updates on new training opportunities.

A range of procurement resources and templates is also available within HPV's secure area.

These templates can be accessed with a HPV website login and are designed to assist with each stage of the procurement process.

Face-to-Face Probity Training

Face-to-Face Probity Training Series

Last updated: 1 Feb 2018

HPV currently offers face-to-face Probity Training delivered by Pitcher Partners. 

The training series caters to three distinct groups:

  • Probity Training for Health Service Procurement Staff
  • Probity Training for Health Service Non-Procurement Specialists
  • Probity Training for Health Service Board and Executive Staff

Sessions for all groups are held in both the metropolitan and regional areas of Victoria.

If you have any queries regarding the Face-to-Face training, please email:

Online Probity Training

Online Probity Training

Last updated: 1 April 2017

HPV's online probity training program through the University of New England Partnerships (UNEP) has now been discontinued, to be replaced by a new, enhanced learning experience in 2017-18. 

HPV's former online training program was a highly-valuable training program for health service staff providing tailored content to support our shared goal of strengthening probity in health service procurement activities. While HPV's online training program served this purpose well, HPV's new online training offering will identify and implement improvements to further enhance the learning experience. 

HPV has developed a custom learning management system for Victorian public health services - the HPV ECHO (eLearning Centre for Health Outcomes) - to be launched in the new financial year 2017-18. HPV ECHO will become HPV's primary platform for future health services training, including online probity training. 

In the meantime, HPV will continue to offer probity training through a schedule of face-to-face sessions, ensuring ongoing access to probity skills and knowledge training by health service staff in this important area. 

If you have queries regarding the discontinuation of the training program, please contact

HPV provides targeted training and resources for health services to assist staff in managing their procurement processes.