30 April 2018

Workshop on control and management of foodborne listeriosis

The Department of Health and Human Services’ Food Safety Unit and HPV are co-hosting a workshop on control and management strategies for food-borne listeriosis in healthcare settings on Wednesday 23 May 2018.


Subject matter experts will present on a range of topics including vulnerable people and the nature of infections, Listeria and common food sources, microbiological testing tools, and Listeria management. 

The workshop will also cover the hospital food safety program and auditing by food safety auditors, and provide information about the food recall system.

The session is limited to 25 places and tailored to health service directors or heads of support services, infection control, nutrition and dietetics and food services managers.

For workshop registration and information contact: HPV Customer Relationship Manager Catriona Cameron on 0419 266 343 or hpv@hpv.org.au.

For an agenda click here.