30 May 2018

Health sector opportunities for Gippsland businesses

In 2018 a forum has held in Gippsland to outline the health procurement process for businesses which may not have previously considered supplying hospitals, and to foster regional growth. Opportunities from that forum are listed below.


There are a number of opportunities available for regional businesses through local health services. Below is a list of Gippsland based hospitals' procurement plans outlining current tenders.

Yarram District Health Service

West Gippsland Healthcare Group

South Gippsland Hospital

Gippsland Southern Health Service

Omeo District Health

Kooweerup Regional Health Service

Latrobe Regional Hospital

Orbost Regional Health

Central Gippsland Health Service

Bass Coast Health

Bairnsdale Regional Health Service

Also see the Tenders section of this website for information on opportunities available through HPV along with information for prospective suppliers.

The forum was the first of its kind for HPV and was co-hosted by Latrobe Regional Hospital which has similar aims to source local products and services where appropriate. Other health service representatives from the Gippsland region were invited to share potential opportunities.

The session included:

  • A high-level overview on how to engage in an HPV or health service tender with a view to getting more local businesses involved in health sector contracts and clarify the tendering process.
  • A networking opportunity for suppliers to meet with HPV representatives and as many local health service representatives as possible. This event aims to provide contact points for suppliers seeking work now and into the future.
  • An opportunity for suppliers to pre-register with HPV to further reduce the requirements of suppliers during an active tender.  The Tips for Suppliers fact sheet outlines the registration process.

HPV and local health services identified a number of opportunities, particularly in the indirect products and services contract area, that could be suitable for local businesses.

HPV and health service opportunities included:

  • Clinical and non-clinical services
  • Courtyard development
  • Facilities and Maintenance Services
  • Fire sprinkler system installation
  • Fleet service management
  • Fresh meat and vegetables
  • Hostel Refurbishment
  • Minor capital works
  • Multifunction Devices
  • Nurse agency employees
  • Office supplies
  • Professional services
  • Radiology services
  • Solar Hotwater/Heating
  • Theatre Pendant Lights
  • Waste management
  • Water Chiller Replacement program
  • Water Filtration and Treatment System Upgrade

Opening up more opportunities for local business gives hospitals greater flexibility in choosing local services which are geographically close and may produce better patient outcomes which is in alignment with HPV’s five-year strategy to ‘increase best-value healthcare outcomes.

This approach also aligns with the Victorian Government’s objective of maintaining and strengthening regional opportunities.