14 November 2018

Flexible approach to supplier briefings

HPV is adopting a more flexible approach to hosting forums for suppliers in 2018, running smaller, more tailored regional events and looking at other ways to provide information to suppliers.

supplier forum4

Traditionally HPV has hosted a large annual supplier briefing in Melbourne each November to provide an update on its strategic direction. Recognising that the location and timing does not meet everyone’s needs, HPV is pursuing regionally-focused events as an alternative to the city-based forum that was initially proposed for Friday 16 November 2018. This event is not proceeding this year.

HPV is interested to hear from already contracted suppliers on the best way to meet their requirements for regional and metropolitan supplier briefings.

Suppliers with suggestions or other feedback can email HPV at hpv@hpv.org.au by Friday 14 December 2018.  Please put the words "Supplier Forum" in the subject line. 

HPV will publicise upcoming forums and other events in the HPV Update newsletter and on the HPV website.