20 February 2020

Self-assessment portal now open

Health services can now access the self-assessment form on HPV’s CPO Compliance Portal – with submissions due by close of business on 31 May 2020.

The early launch enables health services to start preparing and progressively save their assessments now in readiness for submission.

As a continuous improvement initiative, we have also introduced an enhancement to promote the appropriate segregation of duties. The self-assessment form requires the preparer and approver to be completed by different people to better support health services’ fraud and corruption controls and promote good probity practice.

In 2020 we will be amending the Health Purchasing Policies to include a definition of ‘materiality’ for the purpose of assessing compliance in the self-assessment.

The new definition will increase transparency for Victoria’s health sector and its suppliers, and health services will have opportunity to shape the materiality threshold during consultation on the amendment. In the meantime, further guidance on ‘materiality’ is provided in the self-assessment form’s introduction.

The self-assessment form provides detailed guidance to support health service’ submission. For other queries, contact an HPV Customer Relationship Manager or email compliance@hpv.org.au.