3 April 2020

Centralised ordering of PPE in Victoria

The Victorian Government has centralised the ordering and distribution of Tier 1 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), swabs, hand sanitisers and critical equipment to ensure that essential supplies reach areas with the greatest clinical need.

The centralised coordination aims to protect and manage the health of patients and our critical health workforce. 

Many suppliers are struggling to manage the workload associated with both a large increase in orders and supply constraints. A single point of contact with the government will bring important relief and clarity.

Monash Health is acting as the State Supply Chain (SSC). Health Purchasing Victoria is working to secure stock, for which Monash will place orders on behalf of the state.

Monash is receiving orders from all public health services from its list of PPE items and fulfilling individual orders based on availability. Details of how to order have been sent to all mandated health service chief executive officers.

Suppliers please ensure any existing orders you have with health services are redirected to the State Supply Chain (SSC) - Monash Health via enquiries-statesupply@monashhealth.org.  Send your existing purchase order details to this address so they can be replaced with new orders issued by Monash Health.

Deliveries will be received into the Monash Distribution Centre, picked and packed and distributed to health services using a 3PL provider or its own fleet.  

Where supply is limited, the State Supply Chain is taking advice from DHHS to determine allocation.