25 March 2019

Reminder – second online probity training package now available

A second online probity training package is now available for health service clinical, operational and non-procurement employees.


Delivered over three interactive modules, participants will learn about:  

  • Probity fundamentals and benefits that probity provides.
  • Probity risks applicable to their day-to-day work.
  • Practical approaches for responding to these risks should they arise.

The tailored training package is flexible. Participants can complete the online modules at their own pace at a time that suits best, and all three can be completed in around 90 minutes.

It can also contribute to professional development requirements such as the continuous professional development (CPD) standards for nurses and midwives. Visit the HPV website to access the online probity training on the ECHO platform or for more information.

To register, click on the box on the top right of the website homepage and check the boxes to access HPV probity training.

Support and advice is available from a Customer Relationship Manager or email the HPV helpdesk at healthservices@hpv.zendesk.com.