16 December 2019

Proposed Annual Sourcing Program feedback sought

HPV is seeking health service feedback on the Proposed Annual Sourcing Program (PASP) for financial year 2020-21.

HPV recognises that early engagement with health services is crucial to provide enough time to consider and incorporate recommendations during the planning stage and to align priorities. That is why we have started the process a little earlier than in previous years.

The draft 2020-21 PASP outlines a large number of re-sourcing activities along with greenfield activities and categories that HPV will explore for opportunity assessments based on previous health service feedback.

Amongst the new activities outlined in the PASP are:

  • A range of facilities management categories including Automatic Doors, Lifts and HVAC.
  • A range of IT categories including Network Monitoring, Cyber Security Operations Centre (SOC), PC Fleet and Asset Management.
  • A range of clinical categories including Hospital Bedside Curtains and Endoscopy Consumables.
  • Biopharmaceutical opportunities.

We would greatly appreciate your views on the PASP by close of business on 10 January 2020. You can give us feedback via your Customer Relationship Manager or through the help desk at healthservices@hpv.zendesk.com or 03 9947 3900.

Note that there will be further opportunity to introduce cluster sourcing events during the year depending on the availability of appropriate resources to manage these events.