16 December 2019

Ongoing support for Social Procurement Framework

HPV’s recent workshops on measurement and reporting outcomes under Victoria’s Social Procurement Framework (SPF) have helped to build health service capability in implementing their strategies and commitments under the framework.


The workshops aimed to ensure health services benefited from the experience of government departments in introducing the SPF. Participating health services joined in group activities to apply social procurement concepts with a reporting focus.

Guest speaker Monica Miloi, a senior government social procurement specialist from the Department of Transport, shared learnings from her experience at VicRoads, one of the first agencies to introduce the SPF.

HPV will discuss learnings from these workshops at upcoming regional health service workshops.

HPV continues to support health services in implementing the framework through a variety of channels, including: 

  • Via a Hume social procurement working group that is incorporating social and sustainable requirements into locally-focused procurement documentation.
  • Developing a social procurement implementation toolkit comprising a social enterprise directory and templates and guides.

For more information about the SPF implementation, please see HPV’s website.