16 April 2019

Improvements to assist health services completing self-assessments in May

Health services can now access the self-assessment form on HPV’s CPO Compliance Portal – with submissions due by close of business Thursday 30 May 2019.

HPV has made several process and system improvements to support CPOs with facilitating their health service’s annual self-assessment of compliance to the Health Purchasing Policies and HPV collective agreements.

Health services can start preparing and progressively save their assessments now and HPV will activate the submission function in May.

The clarifications and changes implemented this year have been made in response to health service feedback and opportunities for improvement identified by HPV.  These include:

  • HPV has clarified the materiality threshold for off-contract purchases.
  • HPV has clarified that health services can use goods and services that are not currently on HPV contract to perform research and/or clinical trials.
  • The self-assessment form makes the approval process more transparent with confirmations emailed to the person preparing the form and the person approving it at each stage of the process.
  • If a mandated health service submits its triennial audit report (due 30 June) to HPV prior to 30 May 2019, it can choose to use these audit findings as a substitute for completing section three of the assessment.

Further detail is provided in the assessment form instructions. For other queries, contact your Customer Relationship Manager.