25 March 2019

HPV supports implementation of Victoria’s Social Procurement Framework

HPV is supporting the implementation of Victoria's Social Procurement Framework (VSPF) across the public health sector with practical support such as workshops, tools and online resources.

social procurement

The framework is a state government initiative which seeks to ensure value for money is not solely focused on price by recognising social, economic and environmental factors as core elements in determining value.

Many government agencies have already implemented the framework. HPV and public health services will adopt it from 1 September 2019, when they will begin to consider social procurement objectives in their day-to-day procurement activity. 

HPV is working with health services to provide practical support tailored to health service needs, including a self-assessment tool to help health services determine their correct framework grouping. This is available through HPV’s learning management system – ECHO. You will need to be registered with ECHO to access this content.

As a first step, health services should use HPV's self-assessment tool to establish their Framework grouping, which will determine their annual strategic organisational planning requirement.

It is important that each health service framework grouping is correct, so if you have questions or need help to verify your health service grouping, contact the Department of Treasury and Finance at socialprocurement@dtf.vic.gov.au. Your VSPF contact will need to communicate any changes to a nominated HPV Customer Relationship Manager in a timely manner.

Health services can attend a social procurement workshop to get started on their draft strategy or commitment, depending on their grouping. There’s no need for health services to wait before sending it to the Department of Treasury and Finance – it can be submitted as soon as it is ready, enabling them to begin implementation. HPV is running strategic and operational workshops to help health services understand their organisational planning requirements. The first workshop for Group 1 health services – those with the highest spend – will take place on Tuesday 2 April 2019 in Melbourne.

For more detail on upcoming workshops see the HPV website.