16 April 2019

HPV acts on Customer Engagement Survey feedback

Over the past six months HPV has been implementing a series of initiatives to better support health services in response to feedback received through the 2018 Customer Engagement Survey.


“Thanks to those who responded to HPV’s 2018 Customer Engagement Survey,” says HPV Director Customer Engagement Alfred Matthews.

“Once again there was an increase in the number of responses received compared to the previous year, which gives us more precise information about how we are tracking and what health services consider a priority for HPV’s service delivery,” he says.

The 2018 survey showed continued improvements in key indicators of health service customers’ satisfaction with HPV’s services, such as delivering best-value procurement, effective communication methods, and tools and support.

HPV analysed the survey responses devised an action plan to address key elements of the feedback. 

Recent initiatives borne out health services’ feedback include:

Initiatives to date:


  • Revising HPV’s Policy Compliance framework to make it more scalable to health service capacity, and developing a new Compliance Assessment Tool to assist health services.
  • Further improvements to HPV’s website through consultation with stakeholders, including improvements to the reference group nominations portal.
  • Rolling out support for health services to implement the Victorian Government’s Social Procurement Framework.
  • Improvements now underway to the HeSSDA tool, including a reduction in uncategorised spend and increased accuracy.
  • Releasing HPV’s online Probity, Integrity and Ethics training program.
  • Improvements to HPV’s contract management by implementing a new Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) framework.
  • Providing access to a transactional view of the purchasing data in the Health Services Spend Data and Analysis (HeSSDA) tool.
  • Guidance and support for health services in managing back orders and recovering costs from product substitution.
  • Development of template invitation to supply (ITS) and contract documents for health service use.
  • Improved planning and support for health services’ transition to new HPV Agreements.
  • Suggestions for improvements to the Common Catalogue project.

HPV is always open to feedback so if you have thoughts on the initiatives above, contact a Customer Relationship Manager to discuss your feedback.