16 April 2019

Common Catalogue update

HPV and Melbourne Health are planning to pilot the Common Catalogue in May to better coordinate with other system changes being made to the FMIS system – the platform for this key initiative.


The catalogue is a module of the current FMIS financial system and will be adapted for health services using other platforms. There are other FMIS updates planned in the coming weeks so HPV will take the opportunity to conduct additional Common Catalogue testing in the lead-up to the pilot.

Once rolled out, the catalogue will improve the consistency and accuracy of data, delivering supply chain efficiencies and supporting the identification of functional equivalents – products in the same family that can replace those that are unavailable. Better data supports initiatives to track items, ensuring the right products are sent to the right place at the right time.

To date, user acceptance testing at the Melbourne Health pilot site has involved extensive end-to-end testing of business scenarios to make sure the catalogue is fit-for-purpose. Employees at other health services have also been involved in testing to ensure the catalogue does not impact current functionality.

In preparation for the broader implementation of the catalogue, health services are invited to undertake a change impact assessment to help identify appropriate training for their employees and the best implementation approach. Contact a HPV Customer Relationship Manager for more detail.