General FAQs

Who can use HPV contracts?

In line with the current Principal Purchasing Policy, all ‘Victorian public hospitals and health services’ are compelled to use HPV contracts

They are defined as:

  • public hospitals (as defined in Schedule 1 of the Health Services Act 1988) 
  • public health services (as defined in Schedules 3 and 5 of the Health Services Act 1988)

 However, HPV can also grant the following organisations access to HPV contracts:

  • public denominational hospitals (as defined in Schedule 2 of the Health Services Act 1988) 
  • public hospitals operated by the private sector (as defined in Schedule 4 of the Health Services Act 1988) 
  • health or related services (as defined in Sections 3(1) and 131(a) of the Health Services Act 1988) which may include publicly funded community health, pharmaceutical, ambulance, aged care, disability or palliative care services.
How does HPV decide which products are on contract?

Our annual sourcing program is developed in close consultation with clinicians and key health service personnel to ensure that we continue to meet the diverse clinical and operational needs of the health sector. Reference Groups comprising clinicians and key subject matter experts from metropolitan and regional health services are established prior to the commencement of each tender (invitation to supply) to guide the development of the specifications, including product types and categories.

I am a healthcare supplier - how do I get on a HPV contract?

HPV's Tender (Invitation to Supply) process is a fair and robust process that meets stringent probity requirements. To this end, suppliers need to bid for upcoming tenders, (invitations to supply) that are published by HPV. Once an agreement is established with health services, suppliers can't be added "mid-term", however prospective suppliers can subscribe to our monthly newsletter to stay aware of upcoming opportunities, or monitor the TendersVic website, which all HPV tenders (invitations to supply) are published.

Do I have to use all items on a HPV contract?

Yes, unless you have an approved exemption pursuant to the Health Services Act 1988. Generally, exemptions are only granted to one category in a contract, i.e. you can't be exempt from the entire contract (agreement). If you are granted an exemption to a category, the rest of the contract still applies. See details on our Exemptions Policy under Policies and Guidelines. Exemptions are only granted in the following circumstances: pre-existing contract (agreement) in place, clinical risk, operational risk and impact on local business.

What is the value of HPV contracts?

The contract value is estimated at $625 million as at 2013-14 Financial Year.

How many state contracts does HPV have in place for health services to access?

HPV’s state contracts cover 45 purchasing categories across the medical and pharmaceutical, equipment, indirect materials and services streams, serviced by approx. 600+ suppliers.

Are HPV tenders independently checked for probity?

Yes, all HPV Invitations to Supply (tenders) follow a uniform process and are reviewed by a probity auditor before going to market, and before submission of the award recommendation to the Procurement Committee and/or HPV Board.

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