HPVITS2020-016 Sutures, Skin Staples and Removers, and Tissue Adhesives

Current Tender

Market Release Date
24 Jan 2020
Option Periods
1*2 years


Provision of Sutures, Skin Staples and Removers, and Tissue Adhesives for Victorian Public Hospitals and Health Services.

Additional Information

Contract Details

The Principal Period will commence from the 1st of September 2020 and run until 31st of August 2025.

A further Option Period of 2 years will be availble.

Industry Briefing

An industry Briefing will be held for the upcoming Sutures, Skin Staples & Removers and Tissue Adhesives request for tender. The briefing will provide general information including overview, draft specifications and provide detailed information on how to complete the response via the HPV Procurement Portal. It is advised that those responsible for completing the submission attend.

Date: Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Time: 2 pm – 4pm

Venue: Board Room, Level 34, Casselden, 2 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

Register your interest (max. 3 attendees) by emailing your full name, supplier name, job title and contact details to a.mina@hpv.org.au by Friday 31/01/2020.

Video Conferencing/ dial-in is available if required.

The tender will be released to the market on Friday, 24 January 2020. Documentation will be available from the HPV Procurement Portal. Suppliers are required to register on the HPV website prior to being able to access documentation. To register for a supplier account: https://www.hpv.org.au/register/

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Note that sample requirements will be explained during the briefing meeting.

The ITS will close on 21 Feb 2020 14:00 and late responses will not be entertained.


01 Sutures
02 Skin Staples & Removers
03 Tissue Adhesives