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Recent and upcoming tenders - Invitations to Supply (ITS) - for Health Purchasing Victoria (HPV) are displayed in the list below.

You can open each tender page to read more information about the contract such as the proposed dates for tendering and the categories within scope.

The ‘Contract Files’ area on the left panel within each contract page contains relevant documents such as the Statement of Requirements (SOR), an Award Matrix or Industry Briefing information.

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Start Date -
End Date
Cisco Infrastructure and Associated Services Panel
29/11/2019 59 days ago
Cranial Neurosurgery Prostheses and Associated Consumables
18/11/2019 3 days ago
Electrical Compliance
10/12/2019 40 days ago
Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)
21/03/2018 7 months ago
Medical Imaging Equipment and Radiotherapy Equipment
27/06/2019 7 months ago
Sterilisation Consumables and Related Services
29/10/2019 3 months ago
Sutures, Skin Staples & Removers, and Tissue Adhesives
24/01/2020 4 days ago
Utilities: Contract Management Services
12/02/2020 59 days ago