Nutritional Information - Mile One Group

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Beef Lasagne 400g-Beef-Lasagne.pdf 2 months ago 640 KB PDF file


Asian Breakfast Compostable-Ambient-Asian-Breakfast-Box.pdf 2 months ago 168 KB PDF file
Bircher Muesli Berry Compote 400g-Bircher-Muesli-with-Berry-Compote.pdf 2 months ago 739 KB PDF file
Bircher Muesli Pear Cardamon 400g-Bircher-muesli-with-Pear-and-Cardamon.pdf 2 months ago 742 KB PDF file
Breakfast Boxes - Various Breakfast-Boxes-MOG-2020-NEW-Compostable.pdf 2 months ago 684 KB PDF file
Scrambled Eggs Cannellini Baked Beans 400g-Scrambled-Eggs-with-Cannellini-Baked-Beans-+-Spinach.pdf 2 months ago 1 MB PDF file
Western Breakfast Box Compostable-ambient-Western-Breakfast-Box-with-Cereal.pdf 2 months ago 167 KB PDF file


HACCP Certificate 3177-HACCP-Certificate-2019-2022-Dineamic-Keysborough.pdf 2 months ago 284 KB PDF file
HACCP Certificate AZURA AZURA-Victoria-HACCP-Certificate.pdf 2 months ago 249 KB PDF file
HACCP Certificate MASCOT DSA-Mascot-HACCP-certificate-Aug-2020.pdf 2 months ago 231 KB PDF file
Individual Meal Boxes Individual-meal-Boxes.pdf 2 months ago 314 KB PDF file
Mile One Group Portfolio MileOne-Product-Portfolio-Q1-2020.pdf 2 months ago 8.5 MB PDF file


Chicken Burrito Brown Rice 400g-Chicken-Burrito-on-Brown-Rice-with-Green-Beans.pdf 2 months ago 665 KB PDF file


Barramundi Reed Capsicum Corn Pea Risotto 400g-Barramundi-on-red-Capsicum-Corn-and-Pea-Risotto.pdf 2 months ago 671 KB PDF file


Korma Lamb Basmati Rice Beans 400g-Korma-Lamb-Curry-with-Basmati-Rice-and-Beans.pdf 2 months ago 607 KB PDF file


Quiche - Bacon Mushroom Rocket 120g-Quiche-in-Ovenable-box-Steaky-Bacon-Mushroom-Rocket-120g.pdf 2 months ago 150 KB PDF file


Apricot Muesli Slice Rivazur-30g-Apricot-Muesli-Slice.pdf 2 months ago 171 KB PDF file
Biscuit Cheddar NibNib-Biscuit-20g-Cheddar.pdf 2 months ago 145 KB PDF file
Cheese Box MileOne-Compostable-Cheese-Box-PFS2020-v2.pdf 2 months ago 313 KB PDF file
Chocolate Marble Cake Rivazur-30g-Chocolate-Marble.pdf 2 months ago 152 KB PDF file
Lemon Poppy Slice Cake Rivazur-30g-Lemon-Poppy-Slice.pdf 2 months ago 169 KB PDF file
Shortbread Biscuit - Chocolate NibNib-Shortbread-Biscuit-20g-Chocolate.pdf 2 months ago 136 KB PDF file
Shortbread Biscuit - Coconut NibNib-Shortbread-Biscuit-20g-Coconut.pdf 2 months ago 147 KB PDF file
Shortbread Biscuit - Orange NibNib-Shortbread-Biscuit-20g-Orange-and-Cranberry.pdf 2 months ago 142 KB PDF file
Shortbread Biscuit - Original NibNib-Shortbread-Biscuit-20g-Original.pdf 2 months ago 145 KB PDF file


Pumpkin and Kale Risotto 400g-Pumpkin-and-Kale-Risotto.pdf 2 months ago 603 KB PDF file
Roast Pumpkin and Feta Tart 120g-Roast-Pumpkin-and-Feta-Tart-in-Ovenable-Box.pdf 2 months ago 150 KB PDF file
Roast Vegetable Tart 120g-Roast-Vegetable-Tart-in-Ovenable-Box.pdf 2 months ago 151 KB PDF file
Thai Green Curry Broccoli and Cauliflower Brown Rice 400g-Thai-Green-Curry-with-Broc-Cauli-and-Brown-Rice.pdf 2 months ago 646 KB PDF file