HPVITS2019-071 Cranial Neurosurgery Prostheses and Associated Consumables

Current Tender

Market Release Date
18 Nov 2019


HPV is seeking responses for Cranial Neurosurgery Prostheses and Associated Consumables (CNPAC) for use in Participating Health Services. The envisaged Term of the Agreement is four (4) years plus one optional two-year extension period (4+2). Indicative volumes are included in the Tender Response Worksheet (TRW).

The scope of this ITS includes the supply of cranial neurosurgery prostheses and associated consumables (standard purchases and on consignment). It does not include navigation equipment or associated consumables and reusable drills, drill bits and attachments.

PLEASE NOTE: Responses to this ITS must be submitted through the HPV Procurement Portal. Please visit https://www.hpv.org.au and log into the HPV website to access the HPV Procurement Portal




A complete range of the categories of Cranial Neurosurgical Prostheses and Associated consumables (CNPAC) is required for treatment of patients across Victorian Public Health Services.

The categories required include:

  1. Category 1 - Cranial Flap Clamps and Applicators
  2. Category 2 - Cranial Plates and Burr Hole Covers
  3. Category 3 - Sterile Cranial Plating and Screw Trays
  4. Category 4 - Cranial Implants and Bone Substitutes
  5. Category 5 - Cranial Screws and Screwdrivers
  6. Category 6 - Aneurysm Clips And Applicators
  7. Category 7 - Arteriovenous  Malformation (AVM) Clips and Applicators
  8. Category 8 - Dural Substitutes and Sealants
  9. Category 9 - Shunt Valves, Catheters and Accessories
  10. Category 10 - ICP Monitoring Devices and Kits
  11. Category 11 - Cranial Access Kits and Disposable Drills
  12. Category 12 - Implantable Intrathecal Pumps and Accessories
  13. Category 13 - Deep Brain Stimulation
  14. Category 14 - Epilepsy Surgery Consumables
  15. Category 15 - Neurosurgical Consumables