HPVC2016-058 Pharmaceutical Products and IV Fluids - Expired


Contract Start Date
01 Sep 2016
Contract End Date
29 Jan 2020
Option Periods


Update: 13 February 2020

The HPVC2016-058 Pharmaceutical Products and IV Fluids contract ended on 29 January 2020. The new contract (HPVC2019-058) commenced on 30 January 2020.  


Outstanding Sales Reports:

Due to a technical issue, final sales reports for this contract (1 January 2020 to 29 January 2020), suppliers will only be able to be submitted on the extended due date of 26th of February 2020 and thereafter.

HPV apologies to suppliers for any inconvenience caused by this technical issue.


New Contract:

For information regarding the award outcome and updates to HPVC2019-058 Pharmaceutical Products and IV Fluids, please navigate to HPVC2019-058 Pharmaceutical Products and IV Fluids (https://www.hpv.org.au/contracts-and-documents/favourites/details/345).

Please ensure that you log in to the HPV website and ‘favourite’ the new contract to subscribe for email notifications of agreement updates and file uploads as they occur. 


Contract details:

for the provision of a range of pharmaceutical products and intravenous fluids to Victorian Public Health Services. 

Please favourite this cabinet in order to receive an update when further information regarding this category is released - please check your account settings to ensure the notification frequency is adequate. 

Option Periods Remaining:



01: Pharmaceutical Products

1000: IV Fluids

2000: Total Parenteral Nutrition Fluids

3000: Irrigation Solutions

4000 : Biopharmaceutical - Filgrastim