HPVC2017-111 External Contracted Medical Imaging Services

Current Contract

Contract Start Date
01 Oct 2017
Contract End Date
30 Sep 2023


A register of suppliers has been established via this contract, to create a panel of pre-qualified service providers of medical imaging services.

Each health service will retain the autonomy to approach the panel via a RFQ or RFT, to ensure the model of service is specific to each health services requirements.

Supplementary Invitation to Qualify (ITQ) 

The next ITQ for suppliers to be added to the panel has been released on the HPV Procurement Portal and will close on 21 August 2018.


Imaging Services:

  • X-Ray Radiography Services
  • Ultrasound Sonography Services
  • Computed Tomography CT Services
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI Services
  • Mamography Services
  • Angiography Services
  • Fluoroscopy Services
  • Nuclear Medicine Services
  • OPG/Cephalostat Services
  • Bone Densitometry Services

 Reporting Services:

  • X-Ray Radiography Reporting Services
  • Ultrasound Reporting Services
  • Computed Tomography CT Reporting Services
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI Reporting Services
  • Mamography Reporting Services
  • OPT/Cephalostat Reporting Services
  • Bone Densitometry Reporting Services