HPVC2015-122 Immunohaematology Analysers and Associated Reagents

Current Contract

Contract Start Date
11 Dec 2015
Contract End Date
10 Dec 2020


Provision of Immunohaematology Analysers and Associated Reagents for Alfred Health.

Please Note: HPV originally sourced this category on behalf of Alfred Health and Monash Health.

Contract Details

The Principal Period commenced on 11 December 2015 and ended on 10 December 2018.

Contract was initially extended for 6 months from 11th of December 2018 until 10th June 2019 and further extended for 3 months until 10 September 2019. A further 3 month extension (until 10 December 2019) was only exercised by Alfred Health. As of 10 December 2019 another 6 month contract extension (with the option of a further 6 months) has been executed on behalf of Alfred Health until 10 June 2020. The final option has been exercised on 10 June 2020 for a further 6 months until 10 December 2020.



01 Fully automated Immunohaematology Analyser

02 Semi-automated Immunohaematology Analyser

03 Manual backup system in event of instrument failure

04 Reagents for Human red cell Phenotyping

05 Reagents for Human red cell alloantibody testing