HPVC2015-041 Catering Supplies

Current Contract

Contract Start Date
15 Feb 2016
Contract End Date
31 May 2020
Option Periods
No further options remaining


HPVITS2019-041 Catering Supplies

Please be advised that the HPVITS2019-041 Catering Supplies ITS has now been published via the Procurement Portal.

Access to the portal is via the HPV website (www.hpv.org.au)
Please note, information on how to access and submit your tender response via the portal is available to download via the HPV website and 'Buying for Victoria'

In the meantime, if you have any queries please contact the HPV Helpdesk on suppliers@hpv.zendesk.com

Regards HPV Team



HPVITS2019-041 Catering Supplies – Industry Briefing

Please be advised that the Catering Supplies Industry Briefing was held on the 17th of October 2019. 
The Industry Briefing presentation and Q&A has been published and is available to be downloaded from the HPV website.

Any questions related to the Industry Briefing and/or the upcoming Catering Supplies tender please contact the HPV Helpdesk on suppliers@hpv.zendesk.com

HPV Team 


Contract Details

The Principal Period commenced on 15th of February 2016 and ran until 31st of May 2017.

The first Option Period was exercised from 1st of June 2017 and ran until 31st of May 2018.

The second Option Period was exercised from 1st June 2018 and will run until 31st of May 2019.

The remaining Contract Option period of one year has been executed – effective from 1st of June 2019 until 31st of May 2020.

Option Periods Remaining

No Further Options Remaining



  • Coffee and Tea
  • Non Alcoholic Beverages

Bread and Bakery

  • Baking Mixing and Supplies
  • Fresh Bread
  • Biscuits
  • Cakes, Pies and Pastries

Canned or Jarred Fruit and Vegetables

Cereal and Pulse Products

  • Cereals, Flour and Milled Products
  • Processed Cereals

Chocolate, Sugars, Sweeteners and Confectionery Products

  • Chocolate, Sugars and Sweetening Products
  • Sugar Products

Dairy Products and Egg Products

  • Cheese, Milk and Butter Products
  • Eggs and Egg Substitutes

Dried Fruit and Vegetables

Edible Vegetable and Plant Oils and Fats

  • Edible Vegetable or Plant Oils
  • Soy Milk
  • Margarine and Similar Products

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Frozen Fruits and Vegetables

Meat and Poultry Products     

Please note that fresh bread, fresh fruit & vegetables and fresh meat & poultry are exempt for regional health services

Prepared and Preserved Foods

  • Desserts and Dessert Toppings
  • Instant Mixes and Supplies
  • Jams and Jellies, Nut and Sweet Spreads and Fruit Conserves
  • Packaged and Combination Meals
  • Plain Pasta and Noodles
  • Prepared Salads
  • Prepared Soups and Stews
  • Sandwiches and Filled Rolls
  • Savoury Pies, Quiches and Pasties

Pureed Fruit


  • Frozen Seafood Products
  • Shelf Stable Seafood Products

Seasonings and Preservatives

  • Herbs, Spices and Extracts
  • Vinegar and Cooking Wines
  • Sauces, Spreads and Condiments
  • Pickles, Relish and Olives
  • Soybean Products

Domestic Kitchenware and Kitchen Supplies