HPVC2019-047 Orthopaedic Prostheses - Hips and Knees

Current Contract

Contract Start Date
01 May 2019
Contract End Date
30 Apr 2022
Option Periods
1 x 2


This contract is for the supply of Orthopaedic Prostheses - Hips & Knees to Participating Victorian Public Health Services.



The categories of Orthopaedic Prostheses – Hips and Knees under this Contract include:  


01   Primary Hip Prostheses
03   Complex/ Revision Hip Prostheses
04   Primary Knee Prostheses
05   Partial Primary Knee Prostheses
07 Complex/ Revision Knee Prostheses
08   Cement and Cement Accessories
09   Navigation Systems & Consumables
10   Miscellaneous