HPVC2018-066 Natural Gas >5TJ


Contract Start Date
01 Jan 2018
Contract End Date
31 Dec 2019
Option Periods


Health Purchasing Victoria entered into a 12month agreement with Lumo Energy for retail services in relation to approximately 2PJ of natural gas for >80 sites. The contract commenced on 1 January 2018.  A 12month extension was negotiated therefore the contract will cease on 31/12/2019. All sites consuming in excess of 5TJ annually are on the Agreement.  A few sites using between 1TJ and 5TJ with and without data loggers installed also participate in the Agreement where it has been determined a large sites' agreement would be beneficial.  The sites are on D and V tariffs and one M tariff and cover the whole state on the VTS together with Albury Base Hospital, part of the Albury Wodonga Health service and Bairnsdale Hospital on the Eastern Gas Pipeline.  Health Services on the South Gippsland and Carisbrook pipelines are not included under a HPV agreement as each is limited to a single retailer.

One of the key principles contained within this contract is that any excess, shortfall or congestion uplift charges only apply if the group aggregate is in excess/shortfall and then any such charges are levied to sites upon their share (if any) and measured on individual quantities as equitable proportion of group aggregate excess/shortfall.  HPV negotiated with the preferred provider special terms to complement the retailer's standard terms of agreement.

For any queries relating to the contract please contact David Clarke, Senior Category Manager via contracts@hpv.zendesk.com, to ensure your query can be dealt with in a timely fashion.

For contract pricing please see the secure cabinet for details.  Health Services may also determine the calendar year cost by using the calculator.

Please 'favourite' this cabinet to ensure that any updates or alerts in relation to the contract are received.

Contract Details

The Principal Period commenced on 1st of January 2018. A 2nd calendar year, with a new gas rate, commence d1 January 2019.