HPVC2015-077 (CT) Medical Imaging Equipment Category 1: CT Scanners

Current Contract

Contract Start Date
17 Jan 2017
Contract End Date
31 Oct 2020


This is the information page for the CT Scanners category under the Medical Imaging Equipment Sourcing Framework (HPVC2015-077)

Information for Participating Health Services

This page contains catalogues submitted by CT suppliers pre-qualified under the Medical Imaging Equipment Sourcing Framework.  Health services may download these catalogues to conduct an initial shortlisting / technical assessment of systems prior to conducting a formal Request for Quote process.

Information for CT scanner suppliers

Supplier Pre-Qualification

All suppliers must be undergo a pre-qualification process for the Medical Imaging Equipment Sourcing Framework (HPVC2015-077) prior to submitting any catalogues for this category. Contact the Category Manager for further details (via the contact details on the right side of this page)

Request for Catalogues (RFC)

Once pre-qualified, all CT scanner suppliers must submit a catalogue containing specifications for their CT scanners on offer.

A separate catalogue must be submitted for each subcategory.

Click the "Contract Files" tab (to the left of this page) to download the following RFC documents:

  • Part A - RFC Details

  • Part B - Conditions of Participation

  • Part C - Catalogue Templates (a separate template for each subcategory)

  • Returnable Appendix - Response to RFC Form


CT Scanners

Subcategories and Scope


Subcategory Subcategory Scope

Slice Number & Detector

Procedures Clinical Use
Sub-64 Slice <60 Slices •Routine scanning (images of stationary anatomy, including contrast-enhanced studies of single organs) Routine/Simple CT studies

< 100 Slices and

< 50 Detector Rows

Sub-64 plus:

•Runoffs (peripheral vascular studies requiring long table movements synchronized with the contrast bolus)

•Basic 3D

All routine CT studies

Basic vascular studies


< 250 Slices and

< 100 Detector Rows

Low-Range plus:

•Cardiac (single image capture of rapidly moving coronary arteries)

•Dynamic scanning (Quantitative studies of anatomical (musculoskeletal) or contrast dynamics (perfusion) in a single organ. Requires acquisition of a series of images)

All routine CT studies

Basic vascular studies

Basic cardiac studies


> 250 Slices and

> 75k individual detector elements

Mid-Range plus:

•All types of dynamic studies, without any limitations

•Dual-energy spectral imaging

All routine CT studies

All vascular studies

All cardiac studies


The scope of the subcategories listed above excludes:


  • Radiation Oncology CT Scanners (this is a separate subcategory under CT Scanners not included in this RFC)

  • Cone beam CT scanners

  • Portable CT Systems

  • Molecular imaging / CT hybrid systems e.g. PET-CT, SPECT-CT, etc.

  • Intraoperative CT suites