Compliance Framework

Compliance with Health Purchasing Victoria policy and legislative requirements is important to maintaining the integrity of public hospital and health service procurement and to achieve best value supply chain outcomes for Victoria’s health sector.

The Compliance Framework was designed to support health services to understand and achieve compliance. It is informed by our compliance functions under section 131 of the Health Services Act 1988 (Vic).

The HPV Compliance Framework Diagram

Download an accessible version of the HPV Compliance Framework.


Understanding the Framework

The HPV Compliance Framework explains our organisation’s approach to managing and supporting compliance in the Victorian health sector

1. The three sub-sections detail HPV’s key compliance activities:

  • Support and prevention: HPV is committed to providing health services with support, guidance and education to strengthen their ability to comply with the requirements of the Health Purchasing Policies and ensure that probity is maintained in health service procurement activities. This includes personal support from Customer Relationship Managers, access to a suite of resources and face-to-face or online probity training.
  • Compliance monitoring: HPV has a legislated responsibility to monitor health service compliance with the Health Purchasing Policies. All eligible health services are required to follow reporting requirements, including an annual compliance self-assessment and participation in an audit program. Access more information about Health Service Reporting Requirements.
  • Compliance priorities: HPV is committed to implementing targeted initiatives to address patterns of non-compliance. Our evidence-based approach will help to identify compliance priorities, as informed by health service reporting data and risk analysis. By taking this approach, we are able to extend regulatory trach in a more efficient, effective and targeted manner.

2. The organisation’s approach to Graduated Compliance is informed by the three key elements – support and prevention, compliance monitoring and compliance priorities. HPV’s approach to Graduated Compliance is practical, supportive and measured. Where possible, we encourage the lowest level of intervention for compliance action

Access more information about HPV’s Graduated Compliance Approach.

3. Underpinning the Framework are the five HPV Health Purchasing Policies, which have been implemented according to HPV’s legislative functions under the Health Services Act 1988 (Vic). These purchasing policies were made by publication in the Victorian Government Gazette on 26 June 2014.

Access more information about HPV’s Health Purchasing Policies.


Who does the Framework apply to?

The framework is based on the principle that health services are in the first instance accountable for compliance and for maintaining probity in their purchasing, tendering and contracting activities.

The compliance obligations of health services and hospitals depends on their status according to HPV and the Health Services Act 1988 (Vic) (The Act):

  • Public hospitals and health services listed under Schedule 1 and 5 of the Act are required to comply with all five Health Purchasing Policies, together with other legislative and reporting obligations as set out in the Act.
  • HPV Eligible Services (other than mandated health services) who have been granted access to a HPV Collective Agreement are required to comply with the terms of the agreement and applicable obligations under HPP5: Collective Purchasing.