Our compliance approach

Health Purchasing Victoria plays a key role in the promotion of compliance policy across the Victorian health care sector.

Our team works with health services and suppliers, monitoring compliance and providing resources and support to help organisations meet their procurement responsibilities.

Good procurement practices are vital and benefit all Victorians; advancing improved patient care and producing high quality, financially-sustainable outcomes.

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Understanding the approach

At HPV, our approach to compliance reflects our legislative functions, organisation values and strategic priorities.

Legislative functions

HPV is an independent statutory authority established under section 129 of the Health Services Act 1988 (Vic) and is responsible to the Minister of Health. Under the Act, HPV administers a number of compliance related functions, including:

  • To monitor compliance by public health services with purchasing policies and HPV directions, and report irregularities to the Minister. 
  • To ensure probity is maintained in purchasing, tendering and contracting activities in public health services.
  • To develop, implement and review policies and practices to promote best value and probity.
  • To provide advice, staff training and consultancy services in relation to the supply of goods and services and the management and disposal of goods to certain public health services.

These legislated responsibilities underpin the HPV Compliance Framework.

The HPV Graduated Compliance approach promotes tailored and measured responses to compliance issues.

Our Strategic Priorities

HPV aims to advance safe, affordable and sustainable healthcare for all Victorians - our compliance approach and compliance strategy reflects this overarching goal.

The Health Purchasing Victoria compliance strategy aims to encourage, monitor and enforce compliance against the HPV Health Purchasing Policies (HPPs).

The strategy cascades from the strategic goals outlines in the HPV Strategy and is supported by the HPV Compliance Framework, which describes the relationship between our legislative functions, the HPPs and our work in compliance.

Good procurement practices ultimately benefit all Victorians by advancing improved patient care and high-quality, financially-sustainable compliance outcomes.

Access the HPV Compliance Strategy 2019-2022

Health services can access a range of guidelines and support tools to help them achieve required compliance standards.