About Us

We work collaboratively with Victoria's health sector to help ease cost pressures on health services through strategic procurement.

Established in 2001 to improve the collective purchasing power of Victorian public health services and hospitals, Health Purchasing Victoria (HPV) achieves best value outcomes in the procurement of health-related goods, services and equipment through more than 48 contract categories.
We work in partnership with public hospitals and health services to understand their requirements, facilitate large-scale tenders and manage common-use contracts on behalf of the state. HPV also takes a lead in identifying and evaluating opportunities for collective procurement and projects that enhance public health procurement capability.

Beyond procurement, HPV works towards driving end-to-end supply chain reform across the health sector.

HPV is responsible to the Minister for Health and works closely with the Department of Health and Human Services. HPV is an independent statutory authority under Section 129 of the Health Services Act 1988.As HPV continues to grow its value under contract and expand into non-clinical and greenfield contracts, our aim to achieve best-value supply chain outcomes will remain paramount.

Core HPV Functions

HPV is charged with key legislative functions under the Health Services Act 1988 that include:
• To supply or facilitate supply of goods and services
• To provide advice and support
• To monitor compliance
• To foster improvements in use of systems and e-commerce
• To maintain useful data and share that with health services
• To ensure probity is maintained in the purchasing, tendering and contracting of public hospitals

Statement of Purpose

Health Purchasing Victoria (HPV) achieves the stated objectives of the organisation prescribed in the Victorian Government Health Services Act 1988, through a declared statement of purpose and our values. These goals support the organisation’s strategic goals and underpins the way HPV works with the health sector. Under the Act, HPV has a mission to provide procurement training and support to the health sector. 

Health Purchasing Victoria achieves best-value supply chain outcomes for Victoria’s health sector.